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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

A&E Training Services expert engineering staff can provide a complete turnkey arc flash hazard analysis, or support your team through any part of the process. Using EasyPower® software, we can provide a variety of services to meet your arc flash needs:

  • Step-by-step process to compliance,
  • Evaluate the needs of your facilities for arc flash hazard analysis, protective device coordination, short circuit study,
  • Provide you with the support you need to implement a power system analysis study,
  • Define the amount of engineering services required for your facilities’ compliance,
  • Evaluate various electrical system configurations and operating modes,
  • Determine arc flash boundaries,
  • Develop proper PPE requirements, work procedures, and warning labels,
  • Identify ways to manage your PPE requirements, while avoiding costly productivity losses and safety risks due to over-specification of PPE,
  • Develop a Personal Protective Equipment program, provide the necessary training,
  • Develop and institute a comprehensive Electrical Safety Management Program, and
  • Develop and deliver electrical safety training and use of PPE for arc flash protection training.

Our staff engineers can visit the site, gather information, perform the analysis, and if desired, train plant engineers and electricians to help ensure ongoing compliance.

Our system study report includes the results of the EasyPower® analysis, recommendations, and a prioritized action plan. This report will assist you with proper electrical equipment ratings and settings, PPE selection and electrical service reliability.