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Short Circuit Analysis

Short Circuit Analysis

Short-circuit calculations are required to correctly apply equipment in accordance with NEC, and ANSI standards. Depending on the size and utility connection, the amount of detail required to perform these calculations can vary greatly. A&E Training and Technical Solutions’ short-circuit analysis will include calculations performed in accordance with the latest ANSI standards.

Switches, fuses, and breakers that need to interrupt or close into a fault are of special concern. Cables and buswork also have short-circuit withstand limitations, and a thorough study will examine non-interrupting equipment, as well as switches and breakers. Standards such as ANSI C37.010 and C37.13 outline the recognized calculation methods for these equipment-rating analyses.

Short-circuit calculations are required for the application and coordination of protective relays and the rating of equipment. All fault types can be simulated. A&E Training and Technical Solutions’ short-circuit study provides a detailed report identifying breaker ratings, breaker fault duties, discussions, and recommendations for any deficiencies found.

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