Electrical Safety Training and Electrical Consulting

Use of Equipment

A&E Training and Technical Solutions provides comprehensive electrical safety and technical training for your staff.  Our programs are designed to ensure that your employees meet the continuing need for safety and technical training to be able to understand existing and changing regulations, or to stay current with technical specifications.

Use of Equipment

This course is designed to introduce the employee, (Manager, Health and Safety Professional, Supervisor) to the use of electrical testing equipment used in today’s work place.  This is a one day training program.

This one day program is designed to target the needs of the electrical worker in today’s work force.  Many of today’s injuries and accidents associated with the use of electricity are avoidable with the right training.
This program consists of 7 lesson modules and videos;

  • Module No. 1 – Introduction to Test Equipment
  • Module No. 2 – Evaluating the Equipment
  • Module No. 3 – Testing procedures for Test Equipment
  • Module No. 4 – The Multi Meter and Its Many Uses
  • Module No. 5 – Proper Testing Methods
  • Module No. 6 – Non Contact Voltage Detectors and their Proper Use
  • Module No. 7 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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