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Company Profile

A&E Training Services specializes in electrical safety training and consulting for electrical utilities, power generation facilities, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Our team of experts at A&E Training Services has over 35 years of experience providing a wide range of products to the Electrical and Mechanical industry.

Our courses are developed to provide the knowledge and skills your employees, supervisors and managers require to advance your operations and maintenance divisions into the new millennium.   We provide a wide range of class room training, on job training, skill verification and documentation of skill proficiencies.

A&E Training Services can provide a comprehensive audit of your safety, operations and maintenance programs. These programs are required to meet today’s challenging standards and regulatory compliance. The costs of one lost time injury or accident could be far greater than the cost of becoming compliant. A&E Training Services allows you to focus your time on running your business (moving your business forward) with the confidence that your safety and regulatory requirements are being met consistently, effectively, and within budget.

In addition to technical services, our wide range of experience enhances our skills and knowledge for developing, auditing, reviewing and revising safety programs that are required to meet today’s changing standards and protect your workers from injury.  Industrial safety programs can be complicated and challenging not only during the development phase, but also during the implementation stages.  Our goal is to provide you with the relevant programs needed to meet the needs of your specific environment and area of business so that you can maintain regulatory compliance.   We can also provide you with a comprehensive audit of your existing programs.

Our Commitment:

A&E Training Services is committed to providing professional, well researched information specific to the industry, your specific situation, or need.   We use only certified instructors who have proven experience and knowledge relevant to the topics we deliver.   All of our seminars, either open forum or special custom sessions, are geared to deliver the information needed to educate you and your employees to meet the needs of today’s industry.

We encourage attendee participation with open discussion.  By sharing the knowledge and experience of the other participants in the room our facilitators ensure that you receive the maximum value for your training dollars.  This proven method of delivery has made our company, A&E Training Services, the most sought after training and consulting services provider in the industry today.

Here is What Others Have Said:

“Dynamic and energizing, presentations.”
“Well spoken and professionally delivered backed by proven field experience.”
“The instructor related to examples typical to the field installations and equipment use.”

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