Electrical Safety Program Development

Electrical Safety Program Development

Developing and instituting and electrical safety program can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  To help ease the burden with this task, A&E Training Services has developed a new consulting product, Electrical Safety Program Development Made Simple.  This product is fully customizable and ready to meet your needs.  Electrical Safety Program Development Made Simple is your access to our team of safety professionals who have the experience, knowledge and skills to provide you with the expert advise you need.

Let’s Get Started;

Have you evaluated your electrical power systems?  This is the first step in providing a safe work environment.  An evaluation of the electrical power system and all related equipment should include;

  1. Verification and update of all single line diagrams,
  2. Visual inspection and evaluation of the electrical equipment condition,
  3. Short Circuit Study and Verification of Equipment Short Circuit Duty
  4. Coordination of Protective Device Study
  5. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Study
Once the electrical power system has been verified and evaluated you will have a better understanding of your electrical power system and the equipment.  There will be a lot of information to process once all of the tasks listed above are complete.  We will provide you with a summary report of all of our findings, a list of deficiencies (in order of priority) that require attention and provide you with the required assistance to ensure that the right solutions are provided.  If this work has been done already, we can review the reports and summarize the findings, provide you with a list of deficiencies and assist you with the right solutions.   Click on the links above to read more about our electrical power system studies. Your well on your way to providing due diligence towards worker safety.
To develop an effective electrical safety program, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the provincial regulations, the laws, and the standards that are in place.  You may or may not have the experience, the time or the resources to do the research needed to get things started.   There are many rules that need to be applied and they depend on the province that you are in.  You need to be aware of any laws that you are required to comply with and you need to be able to apply the best practice standards that exist.  We can assist you with this work by providing you with access to our expert advisors, our data base of articles, policies, safe work practices and by working with you from the start through to completion.
Here is a quote from the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard;

4.1.7 Electrical safety program General

Employers shall implement and document an overall electrical safety program that directs activity appropriate for the electrical hazards, voltage, energy level, and circuit conditions in and around the work site.


(1) Safety-related work practices are just one component of an overall electrical safety program.

(2) Effective application of the requirements of this Standard can be best achieved within the framework of a recognized occupational health and safety management system. Annex A provides information on applying the requirements of this Standard within the framework of an occupational health and safety management system.

(3) CAN/CSA-Z1000 provides a framework for establishing a comprehensive electrical safety program as a component of an employer’s occupational safety and health management system.

Although the CSA Z462 is not law, but a standard of best practice, using the standard and its related guidelines in the development of your electrical safety program shows good due diligence.  The CSA Z462, originally released in 2008, is the second edition of this standard which has gained acceptance in the industry since its release.  Some of the provinces have begun to make reference to the standard within the appropriate safety laws and the Canadian Electrical Code  also makes reference to the standard.  The CSA Z462 is a very good publication with valuable information.  Our electrical safety program development made simple has been modelled to incorporate voluntary compliance to meet the intent of the CSA Z462.

Our consulting service pricing is offered in the following packages;

Standard Consulting Rate; $105.00 per hour.

Contract Consulting Rate;  We offer a number of contract consulting services which are customizable to meet with your needs.  Our contract electrical consulting starts as low as $250.00 per month, with a 1 year contract, and fees billed monthly.   This fee allows you access to our team of associates, our data base of policies, procedures and safe work practices and all of our electrical safety programs.

Electrical Safety Program Development Made Simple;

  1. Turn key Electrical Safety Program, completely customized to meet your company needs, provincial regulations, and in accordance with your company policies, standards and work practices, or
  2. On an Electrical Safety Program consulting service where we work with you to audit and upgrade your existing electrical safety program, or start from the beginning if you don’t have an electrical safety program.
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