Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Training

A&E Training Services provides comprehensive arc flash awareness training, electrical safety training and technical training for your staff.  Our programs are designed to ensure that your employees meet the continuing need for safety training and technical training to be able to understand existing and changing regulations, or to stay current with technical specifications.

Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Training

This course is designed to introduce the employee, (Manager, Health and Safety Professional, Supervisor) to arc flash awareness training in the work place.  This is a one day training program.

This program has been designed to target the needs of all staff, who are responsible for the safety of their workers, including H & S Professionals and Staff, Engineering and Maintenance Supervisors, Front Line Supervisors, and Shift Supervisors.

This program will introduce you to the requirements of your provincial regulations with regards to developing and maintaining an effective Electrical Safety Program, using the CSA Z462 and the NFPA 70E as the seed documents.

Electricity is an invisible force used in all of our day to day activities.  When used in the right way, electricity is safe and reliable.  But when used incorrectly, or when it gets our of control, electricity is a very dangerous entity that can harm and or kill a person.

This program meets with the regulations and standards of Canada and the United States.  and consist of 13 lesson modules and video presentations;

  • Module No. 1 – Introduction to Electricity
  • Module No. 2 – Work Place Culture
  • Module No. 3 – What is a safety program
  • Module No. 4 – Elements of a Safety Program
  • Module No. 5 – Electrical Safety Program Development
  • Module No. 6 – Training and Documentation
  • Module No. 7 – Electricity and the Human Body
  • Module No. 8 – Introduction to Arc Flash
  • Module No. 9 – Preparing to work Safely
  • Module No. 10 – General Requirements of Electrical Safety
  • Module No. 11 – Establishing and Electrically Safe Work Condition
  • Module No. 12 – Working on or Near Energized Electrical Equipment
  • Module No. 13 – Personal Protective Equipment

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