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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

A&E Training and Technical Solutions offers services to the electrical, mechanical and industrial sectors for Program and Project Management,  and Technical Solutions.

Power System Studies;

One of the leading and driving forces in the industry today is the CSA Z462-08 Workplace Electrical Safety and the recognition of Arc Flash Hazards when dealing with energized electrical systems. According to the CSA Z462 Definitions, “An arc flash hazard can exist when energized electrical conductors or circuit parts are exposed or are within equipment in a guarded or enclosed condition, if a person is interacting with the equipment in a manner that could cause an electric arc. Under normal operating conditions, enclosed energized equipment that has been properly installed and maintained is not likely to pose an arc flash hazard.”

When an arc occurs it happens so fast that we cannot get out of the way of this dangerous condition. To avoid injury we must develop an effective Arc Flash Hazard safety strategy. This strategy should include; de-energizing the system prior to any interactions, or working on the conductors or circuit parts; forms of lock out and safe work procedures to be employed to establish an electrical safe work condition; and the proper use of PPE prior to interacting with the energized conductors or circuit parts.

The level of PPE required is determined by the Incident Energy Values of the electrical system (as determined by the power system study) or by applying the Hazard Risk Category method using Table 4 of the CSA Z462. The category of hazard is determined by performing a detailed analysis of the power system referred to as an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis. This analysis is a study investigating the workers potential to injury and conducted for the purpose of injury prevention, determination of safe work practices and to establish safe approach boundaries.

As you can see the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis is a very important part of injury prevention and the protection of our employees, contractors, operations staff and the protection of our equipment from damage caused by a catastrophic failure. The study incorporates not only the arc flash hazard analysis but also should include a Short Circuit Study and a Coordination Study. Each of these studies are done in conjunction with each other and will provide the company and the workers with the information necessary to make the required decision when interacting with energized power systems.

A&E Training and Technical Solutions is equipped to help you meet the needs of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, the Canadian Electrical Code and the standards of the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety.

Program and or Project Management;

A&E Training and Technical Solutions is equipped to handle and assist with all types of electrical projects and or programs. We can assist you in the development of your project, from inception to the completion. Each and every project starts with an idea, a scope of work, tendering, awarding the jobs, the work, acceptance and commissioning, testing and in service completion. Each phase of the project can become more than you are prepared to handle, or more than the resources you have available. Our expert staff, includes qualified installations technicians, certified engineering technicians and technologists, and professional engineers. All of our staff will provide you with a dedicated approach to your project to ensure you get the results that you anticipate.

Technical Solutions;

A&E Training and Technical Solutions offers a wide range of experience in the electrical and mechanical industry. Our experience and knowledge will provide you with the best and most economical solution to your problem. If your systems is not performing the way you would expect, let our experienced staff have a look at it. We will quickly identify the problem and offer you a solution. Your Problems, Our Solutions.