General Industry Safety Training

A&E Training Services provides comprehensive electrical safety and technical training for your staff.  Our programs are designed to ensure that your employees meet the continuing need for safety and technical training to be able to understand existing and changing regulations, or to stay current with technical specifications.

General Industry Safety Training

This one day training program is designed to target the needs of the new worker or workers that require training due to a transfer to a new section of the work place.  Every employer has the obligation to ensure that workers are given the required training to ensure that the worker is able to identify the hazards associated with the work place.
This training program consists of 9 lesson modules including instructional materials and videos.

  • Module No. 1 –  Safety Orientation
  • Module No. 2 –  Job Hazard Analysis
  • Module No. 3 –  Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Module No. 4 –  Ladders
  • Module No. 5 –  Chemical Hazards
  • Module No. 6 –  Introduction to Hazardous Energy Control
  • Module No. 7 –  Electrical Safety Awareness
  • Module No. 8 –  Personal Fall Protection Systems
  • Module No. 9 –  Personal Protective Equipment

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