CSA Z460 Hazardous Energy Control

A&E Training Services provides comprehensive hazardous energy control training, electrical safety and technical training for your staff.  Our programs are designed to ensure that your employees meet the continuing need for safety and technical training to be able to understand existing and changing regulations, or to stay current with technical specifications.

CSA Z460 Hazardous Energy Control

This course is designed to introduce the employee, (Manager, Health and Safety Professional, Supervisor) to hazardous energy control, and the principles of lock out tag out of equipment in the work place.  This is a one day training program.
In addition to our complete line of pre-designed programs we can customize any of these to suit your needs and your working environment.

This program is designed to follow the requirements of the CSA Z460, the Canadian Standard for Hazardous Energy Control.  The participants of this training will be able to recognize the requirements to bring an energized conductor or circuit part from an energized state to a zero energy state and provide for the requirements of the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety for establishing an electrical safe work condition.

We will concentrate the course on all forms of Hazardous Energy, including stored energies, static, gravity, hydraulic, water power etc.  Lock Out as it applies to all form of energy, not just electrical circuits, parts and or equipment.

This program contains 7 modules and videos;

  • Module No. 1 – Review of the CSA Z460 and the Z462
  • Module No. 2 – Fundamentals of Hazardous Energy Control
  • Module No. 3 – Policies, Procedures and Forms required for Hazardous Energy Control
  • Module No. 4 – Schematic Reading and Symbol Identification, Electrical
  • Module No. 5 – Schematic Reading and Symbol Identification, Hydraulic
  • Module No. 6 – Developing a Safe Work Permit
  • Module No. 7 – Hazardous Energy Control Procedure, Electrical and Mechanical

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