Electrical Drawings and Schematics

A&E Training Services provides comprehensive Electrical Drawings and Schematics training, electrical safety and technical training for your staff.  Our programs are designed to ensure that your employees meet the continuing need for safety and technical training to be able to understand existing and changing regulations, or to stay current with technical specifications.

Electrical Drawings and Schematics

This course is designed to introduce the employee, (Manager, Health and Safety Professional, Supervisor) to electrical drawing and schematics used in the work place.  This is a one day electrical drawings and schematics training program.

This one day seminar is designed to prepare electrical personnel with the ability to read and understand the electrical drawings and schematics, recognize equipment and verify the integrity of the existing electrical drawings and schematics.  Participants will be introduced to electrical symbols, one-line and three-line electrical drawings and schematics including their content, basic layout and legends.

Participants will participate in practical exercises in electrical drawings and schematic reading, diagram verification and the steps required for creating and maintaining accurate one line diagrams. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of their own facilities prints to use during practical exercises. Low, medium and high-voltage installations can be reviewed as requested by participants.

This program consists of 6 lesson modules and videos;

  • Module No. 1 – Introduction and Review of the Relevant Regulations
  • Module No. 2 – Print Reading Basics
  • Module No. 3 – Elementary Electrical Diagrams
  • Module No. 4 – Developing and Maintaining Single Line Diagrams
  • Module No. 5 – Trouble Shooting using Electrical Diagrams
  • Module No. 6 – Practical Applications and Exercises

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